PHC Accreditation


Primary Health Centres Accreditation

Primary health care is essential for the all the people in the community at affordable cost. Primary and community healthcare centres works in close involvement with the community served and are bound to provide preventative health care and early disease screening. These centres play a critical role in the health of pregnant females, children and older people at the local level. Primary care centres are also distinguished by their emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention. The ultimate goal of primary health care is better health for all. The WHO has identified five key elements to achieve that goal:


  • NABH Accreditation Standards for PHC is developed by the group of experts after rigorous deliberations and discussion for a year, during this time number of iterations are done. The current standards are developed keeping in view the role of community and the Government at PHC setting. Performance of PHC will be assessed against these pre-set standards.


The standards are a dynamic documents and is revised from time to time.


Applicant PHCs willing to apply are strongly encouraged to read all the available documents on this website under ‘Documents’.


For further details you are requested to write to deepti@nabh.co



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