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Dental Healthcare Service Providers Accreditation Programme


Dental Healthcare Service Providers Accreditation : NABH has introduced Accreditation Standards for Dental Healthcare Service Providers (DHSP) namely Dental teaching institutions, Dental Hospitals and clinics. The NABH dental standards have been laid down keeping the Indian ethos and working environment in mind. The main focus of the standards is on patient safety, quality of care, knowledge updation, trained staff and environment protection.

Outline of Dental Healthcare Service Providers Accreditation Standards

Patient Centered Standards
a) Access, Assessment and Continuity of Care (AAC)
b) Care of Patients (COP)
c) Management of Medication (MOM)
d) Patient Rights and Education (PRE)
e) Infection Prevention & Control (IPC)

Organization Centered Standards
f) Patient Safety and Quality Improvement (PSQ)
g) Responsibilities of Management (ROM)
h) Facilities Management and Safety (FMS)
i) Human Resource Management (HRM)
j) Information Management Systems (IMS)

Benefits of Accreditation

a)It enables the organization in demonstrating commitment to quality care and patient safety.
b)Accreditation to a health care organization stimulates continuous improvement thereby leading to good clinical outcomes.
c)It raises community confidence among the patients as the services are provided by credentialed staff.
d)It also provides opportunity to healthcare unit to benchmark with the best.
e)An accreditation status promotes medical tourism
f)Accreditation also ensures objective system of empanelment under various government schemes and insurance agencies.

Who can apply?

All the Dental Healthcare Service Providers with the following criteria
Section A: Dental Healthcare Service Providers with or without inpatient beds
Section B: Dental Healthcare Service Providers upto 15 chairs

How much is the Fees?

Fees towards certification depends on the size of the healthcare organization. To view the complete fee structure please visit important links on NABH website followed by fee structure under quick links.

How to apply for accreditation?

All aspiring Dental healthcare organizations desirous to achieve accreditation can apply online by registering on the NABH website.

Are there any trainings conducted for the programme?
NABH conducts various training and awareness programmes round the year regularly. It is advisable that the aspirant healthcare organizations attend Training Programme on Implementation (POI) for better understanding the standards.

How to procure a copy of the standards?

The standards can be purchased online and the hard copy of the standard shall be dispatched to the address submitted while purchasing the same.


NABH provides accreditation to Dental Facility in a non-discriminatory manner regardless of their ownership, legal status, size and degree of independence. The applicant Dental Facility must have conducted self-assessment against NABH standards after implementing for at least 3 months before submission of application and must ensure that it complies with NABH Standards.


To get a copy of NABH standard, Please click on the below shown cover page


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