Safe-I enters its sixth year. We have a pool of 95 certified hospitals and 228 hospitals in active stage under process of certification. Join the safety movement now.


"There is an ever increasing emphasis on preventing Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) across the continuum of care since HAIs significantly increase burden on the communities.NABH Safe-ITSM certification program started by NABH in association with BD India Private Limited as a Public Private Partnership has become an important initiative to look into infection control practices and is being viewed as a basic requirement that should be followed in all healthcare organisations.I am sure this program will be used as a stepping stone by health care organisations for quality improvement"

- Dr B K Rana

CEO Incharge

Introduction : NABH Safe-ITSM

Safe-I certification program enables health care organizations in upgrading their infection control practices thereby ensuring quality care for their patients. It is increasingly being recognized by healthcare fraternity that a vibrant and functional infection control program is the cornerstone of ensuring safety and quality

Safe-I is a certification program that would help hospitals get recognized as a hospital that follows the mandated quality protocols and has a vibrant infection control program that enables safety for the patients, ensures safety for the healthcare workers and has processes that ensures that it does not generate waste that is dangerous to the community.

It is envisaged that Safe-I certification would be the parameter for judging whether the protocols, policies and processes that determine safety and quality are in place. It is also envisaged that over time Safe-I certification would be the reference point for hospitals in availing community insurance. More ....

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